Copper Vs Aluminium

Although this sort of heavyweight bout event may not make the headlines or attract an audience of over 80,000 to Wembley Stadium, in our industry, it’s a bout of some contention. The war between these two metals continues to rage on; both vying to become the number one contender as the ideal component for windings […]

Movie 15 Feb 2018

Increasing stock levels & improving delivery

With evolving technology comes a plethora of improved products. In conjunction with improved products comes an increase in demand. An increase in demand for products requires an increase in the quantities and overall speed of delivery. And when you’re a business like Wilson Power Solutions, which deal with each aspect of such transitional changes, it […]

Movie 7 Feb 2018

Re-Homing Gertie the Giraffe

Gertie: A Brief History Initially, ‘Gertie the Giraffe’ was born as a mascot to represent Wilson Power whilst attending events and conferences across the UK. Gertie, however soon became much more than just a mascot. Understandably, due to her impressive stature and beautiful nature, Gertie began to attract a lot of attention. At exhibitions, friends […]

Movie 1 Feb 2018

Why Energy Efficiency Matters – The 7 Reasons that You Should Look to Your Transformer for Energy Efficiency

The way we consume and generate energy is undergoing a huge revolution, thanks mostly to the ongoing threats of climate change and the allure of renewable, clean energy. But whilst these major developments require big shake ups and a complete change in the way we behave, one aspect of energy usage is often overlooked. Energy […]

Movie 6 Nov 2017

Wilson Power Solutions selected as one of the top 1000 SMEs to inspire the UK

Wilson Power Solutions has been identified as one of the top 1000 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to inspire the UK as part of an initiative by the London Stock Exchange to show off some of the country’s best budding businesses. We’re delighted to have been identified as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies […]

Movie 30 Aug 2017

New CPD Seminar on Transformer Specification to Have Inaugural Run July 26th

In our evolving energy infrastructure there is a constant need to ensure that your equipment is efficient and resilient. With a grid that is heading towards non linearity and renewable energy providing clean but unpredictable power surges, it is essential that the products we make and use are able to cope with this period of […]

Movie 3 Jul 2017

We’re at the UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2017 next week, come and join us!

If you are in the biogas industry and heading to Birmingham next Wednesday odds are you’re a ticket holder to this year’s UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo. Held in the world renowned Birmingham NEC, the conference will be taking place on July 5th & 6th with numerous seminars and talk filling out […]

Movie 27 Jun 2017

Who won Gertie? Our trip to CIRED 2017

We recently got back from our trip up to Scotland after attending the CIRED 2017 conference in Glasgow, one of the world’s largest and most international energy events. We had an incredible time, meeting people from all over the globe, including not only our friends in Europe and America, but extending out to the other […]

Movie 26 Jun 2017

Being Smart About Energy – The Smart Grid & Smart Transformers

We’re living in a world where the constant interconnectivity of technology and appliances is a fast growing and unstoppable trend. We’re seeing the world of consumer electronics being vastly altered by “The Internet of Things”, creating smart devices that build interconnected networks of fitness bands, smartphones and even fridges. The desire to have everything talk […]

Movie 9 Jun 2017

CWIEME Berlin 2017 – Wilson Power Solutions to Host Tutorial

On June 20th at the CWIEME Berlin conference Wilson Power Solutions will be hosting a tutorial on transformer application design and anticipating customer needs for non-standard applications. It will address how changing network conditions has meant a new approach to transformer application design is necessary in the fast changing new national grid. Pulling from personal […]

Movie 8 May 2017

Wilson Power Solutions Join Judging Panel for CWIEME Awards 2017

Showcasing excellence from across the electrical engineering and manufacturing industries, The CWIEME Awards are seeking out the best of the best to celebrate. Featuring entrants from all over the world, The CWIEME Awards debut this year to reward those in the industry and Wilson Power Solutions is glad to be able to contribute to as our […]

Movie 5 May 2017

Wilson Power Solutions heads to Manchester for ESTA’s 4th Annual u|m|r

On Thursday May 11th Wilson Power Solutions will be in Manchester at the AJBell Stadium to contribute to a panel discussion on “Engaging with service and technology providers”. Our own Dr. Lore Grohmann will be discussing best practice and displaying her industry insight, alongside a panel of fellow “in-the-know” experts. The event marks ESTA’s 4th […]

Movie 3 May 2017

A Basic Guide to Transformers

It’s fair to say that, until you need to know about them, transformers don’t exactly entice the public imagination. These essential but ultimately functional devices are among some of the most important parts our infrastructure, but apart from sharing their name with a toy & movie brand if you asked a member of the general […]

Movie 4 Apr 2017

Transformers In Stock/In Build Now Available

Do you need a transformer in a hurry? We hold extensive stock levels of standard rated distribution transformers: From our Tier 1 compliant Wilson e1 transformers to our super low loss amorphous Wilson e2 that already exceeds Tier 2 Eco Design specifications to date. Click below for our most up to date stock list:

Movie 10 Mar 2017

Wilson Power Solutions to tackle Three Peaks in aid of Phys Cap

Phys Cap are an Yorkshire based charity that help support children with physical and mental disabilities by providing equipment and support that can improve their quality of life in amazing ways. At Wilson Power Solutions we believe it’s important to give back to both the local community and to those who need help to lead […]

Movie 8 Mar 2017

Join the Circular Movement – EiBI Article

  Are you aware of the circular economy? Our own Dr Lore Grohmann takes a look at how businesses are looking at ways to fundamentally change the way we consume goods and interact with the economy of limited resources. This article, taken from the February 2017 edition of Energy in Buildings & Industry Magazine is a […]

Movie 17 Feb 2017

Competition winners announced!

  The winners of our #Vintage Transformer competition have been announced. Keith Hatherley from SSE has won our #VintageTransformer competition by finding a transformer built in 1933 so 83 years old. Keith has decided to donate his prize to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford,  so we’ve given £150 to the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable […]

Movie 27 Oct 2016

Owls Hatch Solar PV project

We are proud to support large scale solar integration in the UK: See the delivery, build and commissioning of a 45/50MVA power transformer at Owls Hatch Solar Park in Kent. You can see our exclusive time lapse footage here. WPS manufactured and delivered the 70t unit within just 5 months, thus enabling the client to meet […]

Movie 2 Oct 2016

Wilson e2 – Exceeding (2021) specifications today!

The EU Ecodesign Directive for transformers took effect from July 2015 (Tier 1). It requires all transformers placed in the market to comply with strict new design specifications that specifically address transformer losses. The directive has been devised to eliminate the worst performing transformer models from being installed across the EU and is expected to […]

Movie 2 Oct 2016

The Energy Event

We will be at The Energy Event 13th -14th September at the NEC Birmingham. This is Europe’s leading energy procurement and management event. You will be able to find out more about our products and you can attempt to be the fastest on our buzzwire game and be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize. […]

Movie 5 Sep 2016

Missing Type

You may have noticed the As, Bs and Os missing from our logo on Twitter, we have done this to support the #MissingType campaign by NHS Blood and Transplant. This campaign is to encourage those who have never donated blood before to sign up as donors, these letters represent the three main blood groups and removing the […]

Movie 19 Aug 2016

Vintage Transformer Competition

We are running a competition to find the oldest operational distribution transformer in the UK. #VintageTransformer You may have seen a transformer on your travels, or want to take a closer look at the transformers at your company. Search high and low because the winner gets a transformational experience day from the choices below. To […]

Movie 1 Jul 2016


Come and meet us at UK AD & Biogas 2016 on the 6th & 7th July at the Birmingham NEC. This is the UK’s dedicated anaerobic digestion and biogas trade show. We will be at stand K503 where you can try our buzzwire game, pick up competition details or find out how our transformers will […]

Movie 28 Jun 2016

ESTA U-M-R Regional Events

We will be at the ESTA U-M-R Regional events in the next couple of weeks. These events give opportunity to find out how to understand your energy portfolio, manage your energy data and information, and reduce your energy costs and consumption. You can find out more here. At each of the events we will be taking part in […]

Movie 8 Jun 2016

Food and Drink Engineering Summit

We will be at the Food and Drink Engineering Summit on Tuesday 7th June at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. You can find out more about the event here. During the event Marketing Manager Lore Grohmann and Power Management Consultant Steve Young will be speaking about Energy savings through supply transformers. This session will explain why transformer […]

Movie 25 May 2016

Edie Live 2016

Next week we will be at Edie Live where you can find out more about our products and services but also join in with our buzz wire competition to win a great prize. Also our MD Erika Wilson will be taking part in the Technology Showcase and discussing how the growing popularity of wind and solar power […]

Movie 11 May 2016


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