Wilson Power Wins Prestigious Sustainability Award

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) launched Sustainability Impact Awards this year to recognise businesses and individuals whose impact on the transformation towards a sustainable world is prominent. Wilson Power Solutions received an award for the New Product, Service or Technology category. The award came as recognition of Wilson e2 Super Low Loss […]

Movie 2 Oct 2019

Wilson Power at the Forefront of Nationwide Energy Saving Solutions After Hitting 1,000 Amorphous Transformers Sales

For over 70 years, Wilson Power Solutions have focused their family based business on developing responsible engineering solutions for others. After pioneering amorphous technology in the UK, the company has gone on to gain nationwide recognition for their innovative Wilson e2 and e3 low loss transformer range. The use of amorphous metals as a core […]

Movie 30 Sep 2019

How Ultra-Low Loss Transformers can help Shape the Energy Landscape

Energy supply is the UK’s second most carbon-emitting sector, after transport. It is estimated that the sector accounted for 27% of the CO2 emissions in 2018. Compared to 2017 statistics, energy supply reduced 7.2% of its carbon, making it the most contributor to decarbonization. This is attributed to phasing out from coal and increasing the […]

Movie 30 Sep 2019

Wilson Power is Shortlisted for IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment run the IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards to recognise businesses and individuals whose impact on the transformation towards a sustainable world is prominent. Wilson Power is shortlisted for the 2019 IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards in the New Product, Service or Technology category for its Wilson e2 transformers. Wilson Power […]

Movie 19 Sep 2019

Erika Wilson Named Regional Finalist for Forward Ladies Awards

Forward Ladies National Awards and Summit are in their 10th year. Forward Ladies is working to create a global platform that connects women to opportunities, networks, businesses and expertise that empower them. The Awards aim to recognise female achievers across different sectors. Our joint managing director, Erika Wilson, was shortlisted for Forward Ladies Awards for […]

Movie 9 Jul 2019

Reducing Energy and Costs in Retail

Retail is commonplace in all our lives. No matter how the economy is performing, there is still a substantial level of consumer spending. Be it online, via retail parks or our high streets, retailers stock the everyday essentials we require such as food, cleaning products and clothing. Many of us have turned to online shopping […]

Movie 24 Apr 2019

Top 5 Renewable Energy Technologies

  With the recent release of ‘Our Planet’, on Netflix, Sir David Attenborough delivered an empowering speech at The National History Museum, aimed at all of us, in hope of awakening us to the dilemma we’re currently facing: mass extinction. The documentary is expected to reach over 1 billion people on Netflix alone, educating and […]

Movie 16 Apr 2019

5 FAQs about Distribution Transformers

1. What do distribution transformers do?   Distribution transformers are the last port of call on a distribution grid. The grid will soak up high amounts of electrical energy and distribute it accordingly for the customer, be it household or commercial use. The distribution transformer is responsible for outputting the correct voltage. It converts the […]

Movie 18 Mar 2019

Advantages of Amorphous Metal Technology

Given the recent launch of our Ultra Low Loss Amorphous Wilson e3 Transformer, and as pioneers of amorphous metal technology in the UK, we wanted to highlight some of the clear advantages of amorphous metal technology.   What are amorphous metals? Amorphous metals are alloys with a different makeup compared to typical metals. Amorphous metals […]

Movie 12 Mar 2019

Transformer & Transmission Conference 2019

  The year ahead will see both a surge in the demand for electricity as well as an increased focus on renewable energy solutions. Considering that, coupled with the fact that the global transformers market is set to grow to dizzy new heights, next month’s attendance at the Transformer & Transmissions Conference in London provides […]

Movie 6 Mar 2019

Wilson Power Solutions CPD ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminar

  So far, 2019 has seen us continue to deliver our successful CPD seminars up and down the country. Luckily, today, we are on home turf as we host a session at the impressive Weetwood Hall in Leeds. What’s on the agenda? Our CPD seminars are always tailored towards our guests, providing them with up-to-date […]

Movie 20 Feb 2019

The Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss Amorphous Transformer

Last year, we chalked off one of the biggest dates in our diaries by attending EMEX London. EMEX is the UK’s must-attend energy event for those wanting to increase their organisation’s energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. With hundreds of exhibitors and guest speakers, as well as thousands of companies in attendance, it was the […]

Movie 11 Feb 2019

8 Simple Steps to Specifying a Transformer

We at Wilson Power Solutions promote product innovation, engineering excellence and a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility. Our 70 years of experience in the industry can’t be ignored, as we endeavour to help our customers find the best power distribution solution for their needs. This simple guide highlights how our expertise can help […]

Movie 21 Jan 2019

How Can Your Business Save Energy in 2019?

As we’ve already seen in 2018, many businesses are making the switch to become more eco-friendly and energy efficient. This is largely due to the energy trilemma many organisations are now facing. Some are transforming their entire operation, revolutionising their approach and investing millions of pounds, whilst others are making a more conscious effort to […]

Movie 18 Jan 2019

NHS Ninewells Hospital Transformer Replacement Project

  Working with the NHS is a privilege. Granted, whenever we install, or replace a transformer, and witness both the financial and environmental benefits they can have for a business, it’s always rewarding. But the NHS is something much bigger. Scotland’s hospitals are faced with the trilemma of meeting ambitious carbon targets, improving site resilience […]

Movie 20 Dec 2018

A Miracle on Argyll Street

  Let’s face it, our distribution transformers aren’t the most agile or manoeuvrable; they’re big, heavy and stubborn. During an install, they’re often the main cause of a site manager’s headache, even in the most sparse environments, never mind a compact basement. That’s why this particular project deserves some special recognition. Imagine transporting an 8 […]

Movie 23 Nov 2018

Introducing the Wilson e3 – The Uk’s first ultra low loss amorphous transformer

  Having pioneered super low loss amorphous transformers in the UK through the innovation of the Wilson e2, we at Wilson Power Solutions (WPS) have been working tenaciously to bring you a next generation amorphous transformer. The Wilson e3 boasts even bigger savings, by minimising energy wastage and maximising performance. Staying ahead of the curve […]

Movie 13 Nov 2018

NHS – reducing emissions, saving energy & money

  Our National Health Service is continuing to face immense pressure from the public, politicians and the threat of privatisation. Despite this, nobody will be feeling the pressure more so than the dedicated team of doctors and nurses catering for sick patients. It’s often quite easy to forget the level of commitment show by these […]

Movie 23 Oct 2018

5 reasons to upgrade your energy supply infrastructure

  Often, when looking for energy saving solutions, businesses and organisations will opt for the obvious and install the likes of solar power solutions or smart lighting, in a bid to reduce energy costs and reduce their overall environmental impact. However, what a lot of businesses are neglecting to do is look beyond the the […]

Movie 15 Oct 2018

Reducing the carbon footprint by recognising where energy is wasted

  Whilst there are plenty of general hints and tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint on an individual basis, like choosing cycling over driving, becoming vegan or paying more attention to the appliances around your home, at Wilson Power, we’re more focused on saving energy from large-scale operations such as hospitals and universities. […]

Movie 9 Oct 2018

Energy Savings through Power Transformers – beyond the ‘low hanging fruit’

Often, when the topic of energy efficiency emerges, people usually think about what’s occurring inside a premises, as a way to save energy. Aspects such as LED lighting, insulation and building management systems are always at the fore. However, what very few realise is that a lot of energy waste occurs before it even enters […]

Movie 2 Oct 2018

New Lighting Solutions For Sustainability

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers for energy efficient power distribution solutions, and as a company with a such strong social and environmental responsibility, it’s important that we stay true to our word, regarding our own energy saving operations. Having made stepping stones towards becoming self-sufficient in August 2015, after the installation of a […]

Movie 12 Sep 2018

Amorphous Metal Transformers – Myth Buster

What are Amorphous Core Transformers (AMT’s)? The cores of conventional transformers consist of stacks of laminations that are made from silicon steel with an almost uniform crystalline structure (CRGO). In transformers with amorphous cores, a ribbon of steel is wound to form the core. The big benefit of amorphous transformers is that amorphous steel has lower […]

Movie 14 Aug 2018

What is Amorphous Metal Technology?

  Essentially, amorphous metal technology is the result of experimental science; the product of an ongoing quest to solve problems and improve performance; the consequence of never standing still. What are amorphous metals? By rapidly cooling a molten metal, it is relinquished of the time needed to form the same crystalline structure found in other […]

Movie 14 Aug 2018

White Paper: Aluminium Vs Copper

DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER   The electrical equipment industry is witnessing first-hand how a customer’s purchase decision is being heavily influenced, by the finest of margins, when it comes to the two very similar performing metals of aluminium and copper. Over the years, there has been plenty documented about the performance of these two metals, especially […]

Movie 10 Jul 2018

Wilson Power Solutions are selected in the top 1,000 SMEs to inspire the UK, for the second year running!

  To be featured in the London Stock Exchange top 1,000 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) two years in a row is an incredible achievement for Wilson Power Solutions, and to be recognised as one of the UK’s blossoming businesses that ‘inspire Britain’, yet again, is simply fantastic. The report itself is a celebration of […]

Movie 26 Jun 2018

Helping the Education Sector Save Energy & Money

  To operate a typical UK university, it can cost somewhere in the region of £500 million a year. The running of academic departments, undertaking research activities and maintaining building facilities swallow a large percentage of the budget, but with so many additional expenses, saving money wherever possible is high on the agenda for any […]

Movie 8 May 2018

Women in Power

An Industry First Highlights Women in Power at Wilson Power Success stories should be celebrated, no matter the context, agenda or gender. As a family run business, we burst with pride whenever any of our Wilson Power Solutions (WPS) family are shown any kind of appreciation, especially when it transcends the profile of the company. […]

Movie 3 May 2018

A Claim to Fame from Inside Wilson Power Solutions

Amidst the ‘nine to five’ routine, it’s easy to become absorbed by work-related issues, conversations and topical agendas. However, it’s often refreshing to take a step back and engage in something something truly interesting and inspiring, once in a while. By working in close proximity with our staff, and taking the time to make conversation, […]

Movie 24 Apr 2018

2018 is Going Green

Big Business & Leading Industries are Backing Renewable Energy & Sustainability The beginning of 2018 has seen a real shift, both in the UK and internationally, in the sustainable energy market, with lots of big businesses and industries striving to make a positive impact. This is largely down to public and political pressures, renewable trends, […]

Movie 11 Apr 2018


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