We know that reducing operational efficiency whilst maintaining a secure power supply for their stores is paramount for UK’s largest retailers. Find out how Tesco is radically improving energy consumption As one of the largest multiple retailers in the UK, Tesco is driven by the twin principles of controlling operating costs whilst at the same time addressing its responsibility to the environment. Always ready to embrace new technology that will help to deliver results in these areas, Tesco has installed the Wilson e2 into some of its estate since 2009, recognising that this super low loss amorphous distribution transformer has a proven ability to deliver ground breaking energy savings, and as a result, significant savings on operating costs. The e2 also helps to reduce the impact of Tesco’s trading activities on the local environment. Tesco now specify the Wilson e2 for all new stores.

ASDA have the Wilson e2+ on a number of their sites where they are running large in store bakeries that are only operational for a small number of hours every day – because of changes in the site supply voltage as a result of the changing load profile, the business can make significant efficiency gains from a voltage regulating transformer without the need of additional voltage management equipment.

“The Wilson e2+ is saving the store 285,000 kWh per year. Providing a cost-effective and space saving alternative to dedicated Voltage Management systems.”


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