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Power Transformer Basic Specification

Our power transformers are available both liquid filled (typically Oil or Midel) or dry type (Cast Resin). Basic specification comprises:

1. Off load tap changer or selector
2. On load tap changer with drive mechanism and remote tap change control. In addition both automatic voltage regulation and parallel operation can be provided.
3. Cooling specifications to ONAN, ONAF, OFAF, KNAN, KNAF as required
4. Switchgear supplied and fitted on both HV and LV sides


Ancillary equipment

Supplementary equipment including oil temperature indicators, neutral earthing equipment and current transformers for protection can be fitted. Please see our list of typical ancillary equipment below:

  • Oil temperature indicator (OTI)
  • Winding temperature indicator (WTI)
  •  Magnetic oil level gauge (MOG)
  • Forced fan cooling
  • Marshalling box
  • Pressure relief device (PRD)
  • AVR relay and control panel
  • Bi-directional rollers
  • Radiator valves
  • Dehydrating breather


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