Bumpers Battery Energy Storage Site, Europe’s joint Largest BESS by MWh was energised in October 2023 with a capcity of 99MW/198MWh. Located in Princes Risborough, Bumpers Farm consists of fifty-six Tesla two-hour duration Megapacks connected to twenty-eight 4200kVA 33kV/480V-480V Wilson T2 Ecotrans Large Distribution Transformers and two 150kVA 33kV/415V Wilson Auxiliary Transformers.


Surrounded by a 17.5MW Solar Photovoltaics Farm, the BESS site
features white Tesla Megapacks alongside our moss-green transformers.
Tesla managed the construction of the project which was developed
by Harmony Energy for Harmony Energy Income Trust Plc.


Covering the full scope of this BESS project in Selby, North Yorkshire,
we supplied the full range of transformers to this site. Ten 4200kVA
33kV/480V-480V Wilson T2 Large Distribution Transformers, a
24/36MVA 66kV/33kV Power Transformer and a 100kVA 33kV/415V
Auxiliary Transformer.

This 35MW/70MWh battery energy storage system is developed by
Harmony Energy and constructed by Tesla. It’s situated close to
Rusholme wind farm which consists of 12 turbines and a 24MW
capacity, and Drax Biomass Power Plant. Its location plays a vital role in
providing dynamic containment and renewable smoothing services to
the grid.


Located in Fife, Scotland, the Battery Energy Storage System features
what could be a first in the UK, black glossy distribution transformers.
Fourteen 4.2MVA 33kV/480V-480V Wilson T2 Ecotrans Large
Distribution transformers were supplied hermetically sealed and KNANfilled.

The two-hour duration BESS is developed by Harmony Energy and is
situated within close proximity of Little Raith Wind Farm, 45.75MW. The
site utilises twenty-seven XL Tesla Megapacks and Tesla Autobidder
software; a real-time trading and control platform that provides valuebased asset management and portfolio optimisation to maximise

Owned by Gresham House and developed by Metka EG, this project in
York showcases twenty-five one-and-half-hour batteries by
Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL).

This Battery Energy Storage Site can provide power supply to as many as 100,000 homes for up to an hour at certain times of the day.
We supplied a 60MVA 132kV/33kV Power Transformer to the 50MW
project connecting it to the local Distribution Network Operator,
Northern Power Grid. Our team attended the site to help with the
offloading and assembly of the transformer. Enclosed by two blast
walls, a jacking and skidding method was used to position the
transformer on the plinth.
This project has had several challenges to overcome in terms of
proximity to trees, requirements for additional drainage work and the
potential for ecological risks. An ecological assessment was undertaken
and mitigation measures were put in place to protect wildlife to comply
with local and national planning policies.

Larks Green is the first transmission-connected Solar farm in the UK and will provide clean renewable energy to nearly 17,300 homes and reducing the emissions by over 20,500 tCO2 annually. The BESS will supply the local grid with electricity at peak hours and will ensure maximum output of the solar farm even when the sun is not shining.

140MVA 132/33-33kV Wilson Power Transformer was installed for a 49.9MWp Solar Photovoltaics & 49.5MW/99MWh battery storage farm down near Bristol.

The total weight of the 110/140MVA transformer is 147 tonnes. It meets Tier 2 Ecodesign regulation and it is our biggest transformer to date. Transporting to and fitting the transformer on site was a challenge that our engineers raised to. From erecting, and installing to marshalling, cabling and testing, our site engineers along with our project managers worked hand in hand to ensure the project went as planned and according to our standards. In addition to the power transformer, the team installed as well a 300kVA Wilson T2 33kV/415V distribution transformer.


98MW/ 196MWh of battery energy storage system in East Yorkshire went live in Nov 2022 making it the largest BESS project by MWh at the point of energisation. Pillswood consists of 78 Tesla Megapacks and Tesla’s Autobidder AI software for real-time trading and control.

We provided 40x 2.8MVA 33kV/480V Wislon T2 Ecotrans® transformers for the BESS site. The white painted transformers sit in bunds and are fitted with de-energised tap changers, oil temperature indicators, magnetic oil level gauges, pressure relief devices and other ancillaries.



20MW/40MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) was energised at the beginning of December providing balancing services and support to renewabels in Dorset.

Hawkers Hill BESS utilises Tesla Megapacks connected to 8x 2.8MVA 33kV/480V Wilson T2 Ecotrans Transformers.  The site is managed by Tesla Autobidder, a real-time trading and control AI software that provides asset maangement and protfolio optimisation based on value.


The BESS site utilises three liquid cooling Battery Energy Storage System units
based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) from Contemporary Amperex
Technology Co. Limited, CATL and skid-mounted SMA inverters.
Developed by ForePower and constructed by Edina, the one-hour
duration site has a capacity of 10MW and is expected to provide
balancing services to the grid to accelerate the renewables transition
and provide system flexibility.

We supplied the site with 500kVA 33kV/400V Wilson T2 Ecotrans
Auxiliary Transformer with an oil temperature indicator, winding
temperature indicator, pressure relief device, and a magnetic oil gauge,
connected to a marshalling box.


We  supplied 14 x 2.8MVA transformers to the 34 MW / 68 MWh Contego project near Burgess Hill in West Sussex. The project was developed by Harmony Energy and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV). The site uses a battery storage system of 28 Tesla Megapack lithium-ion batteries with Tesla’s Autobidder AI software for real-time trading and control.

This project is connected to the UK Power Network’s (UKPN) distribution network, providing the capability to store energy from renewable sources to be used during peak hours. This also increases the flexibility of the UK National Grid, while playing a part in the country’s attempt to move away from fossil fuels.


Wilson Power Solutions have been providing the renewable sector with purpose designed power transformers (up to 200MVA) for a number of Solar PV and on-shore wind installations across the UK.

Please see here the time lapse footage of our 50MVA transformer install at Owls Hatch Solar PV Park.


Additional projects include the design and manufacture of a 50MVA 132kV/33kV power transformer for the DNO connection of a solar farm in Norfolk (the design of the unit having been approved by UK Power Networks), two further 50MVA 132kV/33kV transformers for solar projects in Hertfordshire and Cornwall; and a 10MVA 132/33kV Transformer for a Wind Farm in Devon.

We also support leading suppliers of small scale on-site generation packages with auxiliary transformers for connection of mainly farm based, “one turbine” wind power schemes in England and Wales.


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