Wilson Power Solutions have been providing the renewable sector with purpose designed power transformers (up to 200MVA) for a number of Solar PV and on-shore wind installations across the UK.

Please see here the time lapse footage of our 50MVA transformer install at Owls Hatch Solar PV Park.

Additional projects include the design and manufacture of a 50MVA 132kV/33kV power transformer for the DNO connection of a solar farm in Norfolk (the design of the unit having been approved by UK Power Networks), two further 50MVA 132kV/33kV transformers for solar projects in Hertfordshire and Cornwall; and a 10MVA 132/33kV Transformer for a Wind Farm in Devon.

We also support leading suppliers of small scale on-site generation packages with auxiliary transformers for connection of mainly farm based, “one turbine” wind power schemes in England and Wales.


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