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Significant lifetime savings through ultra-low loss amorphous technology

Our Wilson e4 Ultimate Low Loss Amorphous® Transformer is the industry-leading ultimate low loss transformer product. It avoids energy wastage through transformer losses and helps organisations reduce their operating costs and their emissions. With significant energy savings over the lifetime of a transformer, the total cost of ownership considerations are almost always favourable with a Wilson e4.

We launched the sector’s first payback calculator available to everyone. It will help you understand the savings potential based on your transformer’s age, rating, electricity tariff and load factor.

Stocked Transformers Available on Standard Lead Times

Wilson Power Solutions now hold stock of Wilson e4 (exceeding Tier 2) 11kV/415V ground mount distribution transformers, available on standard lead time. HV de-energised tap changer with (+/-2.5%, +/-5.0%, +7.5%) tap settings and available available in these standard ratings:

  • 315kVA
  • 500kVA
  • 800kVA
  • 1000kVA
  • 1250kVA
  • 1500kVA
  • 1600kVA
  • 2000kVA

Additional Accessories

Where you require additional accessories such as Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI), Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI), Magnetic Oil Gauge, Pressure Relief Device (PRD), or Conservator & Bucholz Relay, then lead times will extend out a little to 2 weeks depending on our production workload at the time. If you require MV or LV Switchgear on your transformer please contact us for a lead time to confirm details.

What are Amorphous Metal Core Transformers?

The cores of conventional transformers consist of stacks of lamination that are made from silicon steel with an almost uniform crystalline structure (CRGO). In transformers with amorphous cores, a ribbon of steel is wound forming the core.

The big benefit of amorphous metal core transformers is that amorphous steel has lower hysteresis losses. Simply put this means that less energy is wasted in magnetising and demagnetising it during each cycle of the supply current. The infrared pictures (left) illustrate this: The AMT core shows a lot less heat than the CRGO core.


Dispelling the myths surrounding Amorphous Metal Transformers

Like any new technological development, there will always be doubters and critics. Amorphous Metal Technology is no different. It’s relatively new, and some argue untested. However, as pioneers of Amorphous Technology in the UK, Wilson Power Solutions have already witnessed how Amorphous Metal Transformers can bring great success to a business and our environment by helping to save both energy and money.

In order to dispel any myths surrounding Amorphous Metal Transformers, Wilson Power Solutions have responded with some truths which separate the facts from fiction. This evidence is not based on hearsay, but knowledge and experience within the industry itself.



Over 90 Wilson e2 transformers have been installed to sites across the UK for Tesco Stores, with no failures or recalls having ever been required. It has reduced Tesco’s wasted energy by over 9 million kWh and saves the company over an estimated £810,000 a year. This case study outlines the incredible savings tesco are making and demonstrates how reliable our transformers are.

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The seven Wilson e2 transformers we have installed for the University Hospital of South Manchester save them £31,000 a year, meaning the transformer has paid for itself in under 3 years. This is a fantastic case study in how large organisations can make a practical and noticeable difference in their energy efficiency without compromising on their current usage.

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Founded on “good and responsible” business ethics, McCain installed a Wilson e2 based on the transformer’s super low loss capacity, decreasing their energy wastage and reducing their carbon footprint 12 tons of CO2 a year. The Wilson e2 has subsequently reduced costs by £22,500 per year while also reducing the energy wasted by over 272,000 kWh.

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Smurfit Kappa

After reviewing their on site energy efficiency, Smurfit Kappa made the decision to reduced supply voltage cand install our Wilson e2 with its super low loss amorphous core. They now save £10,500 annually and have reduce their energy usage by 99,176 kWh, decreasing their overall energy usage by 3.5%.

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How much energy can be saved?

The core of the majority of today’s transformers is made of CRGO steel. When this is replaced by amorphous metal, the core loss of the transformer is reduced by as much as 84%.

Why use Amorphous Metal?

• Up to 27% better combined losses over conventional silicon steel (Tier 2 CRGO)
• Meets and exceeds Ecodesign Tier 2 (2021) specifications
• The lowest combined Load and No-Load Losses in the market
• Up to £370k lifetime savings when replacing an existing 1990s transformer

What are amorphous metals?

Also known as metallic glass alloys, they differ from traditional metals in that they have a non-crystalline structure and possess unique physical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness.


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