A case study for a recent transformer replacement project at the University Hospital of South Manchester [UHSM] showed that the installation of two Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformers will save the trust around £31,000 per year – savings that will be used to improve front line patient services. Reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions through transformer supply today’s plant and operations managers are under increased pressure to achieve energy savings and lower CO2 emissions of their sites. Though most professionals are aware of energy saving measures on the low Voltage (LV) side such as improved lighting systems, most people are still completely unaware of potential energy savings on the medium Voltage [MV] side. However, every site that receives power directly from the grid [11kV supply] can benefit from substantial energy savings through energy efficient, low loss or super low loss amorphous transformers.

“An extremely cost effective infrastructure upgrade that not only provides guaranteed energy savings through reduced transformer losses but delivers substantial additional savings through inbuilt voltage management capabilities.” Estates Manager, NHS

Douglass Ward from Whipps Cross hospital specified Wilson e2 transformers for the east London site and comments:

“Installing Wilson e2 transformers at Whipps Cross hospital will save £10,250 in energy costs and reduce our CO2 emissions by 7.2t per year – an effortless way of driving down costs and lower emissions”.


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