Wilson Power Solutions supplies Tesla Contego mega-project!

We recently supplied 14 x 2.8MVA transformers to the 34 MW / 68 MWh Contego project near Burgess Hill in West Sussex. The project was developed by Harmony Energy and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV). The site uses a battery storage system of 28 Tesla Megapack lithium-ion batteries with Tesla’s Autobidder AI software for real-time trading and control.

This project is connected to the UK Power Network’s (UKPN) distribution network, providing the capability to store energy from renewable sources to be used during peak hours. This also increases the flexibility of the UK National Grid, while playing a part in the country’s attempt to move away from fossil fuels. This ground-breaking technology will also help prevent price spikes such as those seen earlier this month. On Monday 6th September 2021 energy prices reached a record high as wind output fell sharply and as a result coal and gas stations were paid thousands of pounds to switch on at short notice. Battery energy storage would have been able to fulfil the needs of the energy companies at a much lower cost while also being more environmentally friendly.

All 14 Transformers that have been supplied to the Contego site are 2800kVA Wilson e1 transformers, constructed out of aluminium and filled with oil. The Transformers are also hermetically sealed which means no air, moisture, dust, etc. can enter the tank which will dramatically reduce maintenance costs!

Wilson Power Solutions are proud to support this revolutionary battery energy storage project, taking a huge step towards the UK National Grid’s goal to decarbonize Britain’s energy grid! To find out more about how we can support your renewable energy projects to achieve great efficiency and help reduce long-term costs click here.

Every battery storage project we have worked on in the past had had unique requirements. We service these projects through our special transformers with bespoke design and build customised to the site needs and specifications. To learn more about our special transformers, please visit this page.

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