Announcement: WPS to stop supplying refurbished transformers

As many of you may already know, Wilson Power Solutions is a third-generation family run business led by Erika Wilson. Richard Wilson founded the business in 1964 and was later joined by his two children, Colin and Dennis in the 1960s. Since its inception and up until the 1990s, Wilson Power Solutions main business activity was the supply of refurbished power equipment.

We have been supplying new distribution and power transformers and packages for over 25 years which has seen the growth of the business reach in excess of £25 million.

This year, Wilson Power Solutions turns 75! The growth our business has seen over the past few years has been spectacular and the opportunities ahead are promising. The speed of change and action needed across the world with regard to climate change has refocused our attention and led us to reconsider parts of our business model.


We have, with heavy heart, made the decision to stop the supply of refurbished products into the market with immediate effect (N.B. live orders will be completed). With COP26 starting later this month and with the government’s Net Zero commitments, we have signed BEAMA’s climate commitment and are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050.  With this comes a huge responsibility to supply the market with efficient transformers to ensure our products’ operational carbon footprint is as minimal as it can be.

This has not been an easy decision for Erika personally as it is the legacy that her family business was built on. But pressing global climate and energy challenges call us to play our part in reducing carbon emissions where we can.


All transformers we currently manufacture have losses that meet Tier 2 Ecodesign regulations including our power and distribution transformers (Wilson T2 Ecotrans and network-connected Unit Type transformers). Furthermore, we are proud to be home to the UK’s most energy-efficient distribution transformer, Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss Amorphous Transformers that far exceeds Tier 2 and sets the bar for Tier 3.


We understand some customers might choose to purchase refurbished transformers for the low CAPEX but our current transformer ranges have proven to provide the best return on investment with the energy savings they offer.


We thank our customers for understanding that we will be declining all refurbishment jobs or the sale of refurbished transformers. Our team will be more than happy to give you quotes for new transformers and provide you with any payback calculations necessary to help you make a decision. And for emergencies, we still have our Wilson Hire fleet that can provide a temporary solution.

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