Temporary Power Installations

Where the voltage has to be stepped up to grid voltages such as 11kv or 33kv to feed the local area where power has been lost. E.g. step up transformer 2500kVA 415v /11000 volts ONAN YNyn0


Generator Load Bank Testing

We supply a vast range of electrical transformers that can be used on MV supplies where the voltage is required to be dropped to a suitable level to feed the load bank. E.g. step down transformer 2500kVA 11000/415v ONAN Dyn11.


In House Testing Facilities

We can provide you with direct on line starters up to 13.8kV for pump and motor testing, Voltage transformers and Metering current transformers.


Operational Failure & Plant Breakdown

Do you need temporary power equipment to deal with an emergency? Call Wilson Power Rentals for a quick and secure solution in case of plant failure.


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