Wilson Power at the Forefront of Nationwide Energy Saving Solutions After Hitting 1,000 Amorphous Transformers Sales

For over 70 years, Wilson Power Solutions have focused their family based business on developing responsible engineering solutions for others.

After pioneering amorphous technology in the UK, the company has gone on to gain nationwide recognition for their innovative Wilson e2 and e3 low loss transformer range. The use of amorphous metals as a core material in transformers improves the overall performance of the transformer. Amorphous metal has no atomic order and has less hysteresis losses resulting in less energy wasted as heat.

To date, the West Yorkshire company – which employs 180 worldwide and enjoyed a turnover of over £15m last year – has overseen and successfully installed over 1,000 super low loss amorphous transformers. Customers include several household names that have gone on to reduce energy waste, operating costs and CO2 emission output.


Big Sectors Benefiting from Energy Savings

Both the super and ultra low loss transformers, (Wilson e2 and e3), have proven to provide superior operational efficiency when working alongside in-built voltage management capabilities, achieving savings both financially and environmentally. This has attracted large organisations from varying sectors.


Retail giants such as Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and IKEA have already benefited from Wilson Power’s energy-efficient transformers and some are now looking to invest further. Global manufacturers in the shape of Unilever and McCain Foods have also been utilising the pioneering technology but it’s not only the private sector that are seeing the rewards.

The public sector has also seen dramatic changes since enlisting the support of Wilson Power Solutions. The NHS and their hospitals have made significant financial savings. For instance, Ninewells hospital in Scotland is projected to make an energy saving of 304,000kWh over a five year period. This equates to 135,564kg less carbon and monetary savings of over £143,000.

The education sector is also beginning to see the impact, with large universities like Edinburgh University, the University of East Anglia and the Manchester University all looking to save both energy and money whilst reducing their carbon footprint.


Meeting NetZero 2050 Targets With Low Loss Technologies

Individuals, organisations and businesses alike are all working hard towards Net Zero targets. However, delivering on energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability are causing a real ‘trilemma’ for many different sectors.

Wilson Power Solutions joint MD, Erika Hudson, believes one solution is for people to “begin looking beyond the obvious, low hanging fruit” when it comes to energy saving solutions. She stands firm that “old power and distribution transformers should be replaced or upgraded with smarter technologies”.

The new generation Wilson e3 distribution transformer has now eclipsed the e2 and far exceeds the EU Eco-Design Directive for transformer losses specifications that are due to come into force in 2021. Erika added e3 Ultra Low Loss is “already ahead of the curve for Tier 3 and an ideal solution for businesses that are looking to combat and deliver their own energy transformations towards a more sustainable future.”


Improved Energy Savings

Transformer core losses are an ongoing issue. Losses occur  24 hours a day for 365 days a year, even when there is no load.

The Wilson Power transformer range combine amorphous metal cores with low current density conductors, to create an ultra-low loss transformer with significantly reduced losses.

Annually, the 1000 installed low loss transformers save 12.8GWh of energy. This contributes to helping organisations avoid adding an additional 3,600 tons of CO2 emissions into our atmosphere each year. This is equivalent to installing 12MWp of solar PV (in the UK), 12 million extra miles on the roads or driving 510 times around the world in a diesel car!


Inspiring Britain with Award-Winning Technology

For the last two years in a row, Wilson Power Solutions have been included in the London Stock Exchange Top 1,000 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, this year, Wilson Power won the IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards for its low loss transformers and the positive environmental impact they created.

The Leeds based company have been recognised for their fast-growth and consistent revenue growth – outperforming their competition. Recent news of a partnership with HSBC to increase sales across India (where Wilson Power have a manufacturing facility) further highlights the company’s ambition.

Simon Wilson, (joint MD), remarked that “it’s always great to see such positive news stories coming out of the business. By staying true to our family values and having a vision of growing our business by delivering customer-driven, tailored solutions with outstanding levels of service has produced a lot of feel-good factors in my time here.”

“We feel lucky that it’s a family operation and we can all be involved. On top of that, we get to invest in the development of new and improved power distribution products and services, to help improve our customers’ businesses and the welfare of our planet”.

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