New Standard Four-Week Lead Time

Quality is your friend, speed is your ally! We’ve got both with our new standard four-week lead time!


Shorter lead time is every project manager’s dream! We have addressed this issue and decided to stock over 100 transformers on our shop floor to be able to offer you the shortest lead time in the market. Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 (EU Eco Design Directives) compliant ground mount distribution transformers are now available on Four Week standard lead time.

The stock includes our Wilson e1 (meets Tier 1), Wilson e2 Super Low Loss (meets Tier 2) and our new generation Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss (far exceeds Tier 2). Ratings from 315kVA to 3000kVA are offered as ‘box-to-box’ type and come with the following specifications:

  • HV off load tap changer with additional tap setting (+/-2.5%, +/-5.0%, +7.5%)

  • Bottom entry HV cable box suitable for 1 x 3c cable

  • LV cable box suitable for (1-4) x 1c cable per phase and neutral
  • Voltage ratio is 11000V/415V, ONAN or KNAN, Dyn11 (unless mentioned otherwise)

All additional accessories are available such as Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI), Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI), Magnetic Oil Gauge, Pressure Relief Device (PRD), Bunds, Conservator and Bucholz Relay.


If you need one of the above-listed transformers any time sooner than four weeks, talk to one of our sales managers and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Similarly, if you need a transformer with a different rating or special requirements, we can still make it happen.


The stock is valid at the time of publication (27th January 2020). Get in touch as soon as possible to secure your order before our stock level is depleted. If you require MV or LV Switchgear on your transformer, please call for lead time on 0113 271 7588.

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