The Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss Amorphous Transformer

Last year, we chalked off one of the biggest dates in our diaries by attending EMEX London. EMEX is the UK’s must-attend energy event for those wanting to increase their organisation’s energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. With hundreds of exhibitors and guest speakers, as well as thousands of companies in attendance, it was the perfect playground for us!

Consequently, we saw this as the ideal time to introduce the Wilson e3 to the masses. The Wilson e3 is our latest innovation, and as an Ultra Low Loss Amorphous Transformer, it immediately establishes itself as the industries leading supply transformer.


Why should you upgrade or replace your supply transformer?

There are lots of beneficial reasons for upgrading your energy supply infrastructure and, in light of recent expectations highlighted by The World Energy Council, now is a better time to make a change than ever.

Energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability are the key objectives which are causing a real ‘trilemma’ for many different sectors and organisations, as they look to combat, adapt and deliver their own energy transformations towards a more sustainable future.


What are the benefits of choosing a Wilson e3?

Transcending from the Wilson e2, the Wilson e3 boasts even greater benefits, resulting in the total cost of ownership being almost always favourable with a Wilson e3.

Entrusting our pioneering amorphous technology, the Wilson e3 avoids even greater levels of energy wastage through transformer losses, guaranteeing significant energy savings over its lifetime. As a result, your business should be on course to challenge the ‘trilemma’ through the reduction of energy waste, operating costs and CO2 emission output.


Benefits of choosing a Wilson e3:

  • Guaranteed loss savings over lifetime
  • Favourable total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Cost effective 2 in 1 Voltage management solution
  • Over 800 installation with proven and reliable technology
  • Meets and exceeds Tier 2 (2021) EU Eco Design specifications
  • Up to £100k lifetime savings when replacing an existing transformer
  • Easy, non-invasive energy efficiency measure
  • 24 month guarantee for complete peace of mind

Cutting transformer losses further with amorphous metal core technology

Despite the many myths surrounding amorphous technology, our Wilson e3 transformer range has proven to provide superior operational efficiency alongside in-built voltage management capabilities, achieving savings both financially and environmentally.

Core losses are continually present from the day the unit is energised, that is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Wilson e3 transformers combine amorphous metal cores with low current density conductors to create an ultra low loss transformer with significantly reduced losses. The result? Providing you with guaranteed, easily quantifiable energy savings for your organisation.


Future proof your site

Our own vision, as an organisation, is to be a family company with a conscience, providing innovative, sustainable energy infrastructure solutions.

By opting to replace or upgrade your existing transformer, you can too contribute to such a vision. Future proofing your site with the Wilson e3 is setting the bar for ambitious new standards to come (Tier 3). For further information about the Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss Amorphous Transformer, you can download the product brochure or get in touch.

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