5 reasons to upgrade your energy supply infrastructure


Often, when looking for energy saving solutions, businesses and organisations will opt for the obvious and install the likes of solar power solutions or smart lighting, in a bid to reduce energy costs and reduce their overall environmental impact.

However, what a lot of businesses are neglecting to do is look beyond the the obvious ‘low hanging fruit’, and targeting the source of their energy wastage, instead.

Transformer replacement projects

Located in often quite remote places, encaged by high fences and covered in warning signs, transformer substations are out of sight and, therefore, out of mind.

Yet, transformer replacement projects can deliver substantial benefits on comparatively modest investments (time and capital).

Reasons to upgrade your power supply transformer


  • Old & Outdated 

Power transformers have an ageing population, with many transformers having marked their 50th birthday and beyond. The outdated electrical supply infrastructure is a common issue; old supply transformers waste significant amounts of electricity through losses. Although they were efficient in their day, years of wear and tear and improved technological understanding has seen them become insufficient.



  • Technological Development Advantages 

Transformer technology has improved significantly with the likes of the innovative super low loss amorphous transformers which already exceed strict new Eco Design directive requirements for transformers due to come into force in 2021! Even when compared to modern standard units, super low loss transformers offer significant opex benefits.



  • Voltage Management Systems

Modern supply transformers have a lower nominal voltage (11kV/415V) and are typically supplied with an additional tap setting (+7.5%). Because of that, they can serve as cost efficient voltage management devices that regulate site supply voltage at source offering substantial additional savings.



  • Payback

Typically, payback on a completed project (dependent on requirements) will be achieved in less than 5 years (including installation costs). When you consider that the average life expectancy of a replacement transformer is around 30 years, you can look forward to 25 years of savings that can be invested in other projects.



  • Environmental Responsibility

Each and every day we are reminded of how we can all better contribute to our environment. From small businesses to large organisations, strategies are being implemented to help save our planet. A Transformer replacement project is a surefire step towards energy and carbon savings. At the same time, you can benefit from meeting infrastructure requirements and legislations, resulting in major financial, environmental and site resilience benefits for decades to come.



Upgrading your energy infrastructure

At Wilson Power Solutions, we have many services and products which can bring your business a step closer to saving both energy and money, in the long-term.

Please be aware that a comprehensive power quality study is recommended prior to any large scale replacement project, in particular to assess presence of harmonics that can require de-rating of transformers (where appropriate filters have not been installed or are faulty).

Feel free to visit our case study page, to see how we’ve helped a range of different organisations achieve their energy ambitions and aspirations.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions or queries about any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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