Reducing Energy and Costs in Retail

Retail is commonplace in all our lives. No matter how the economy is performing, there is still a substantial level of consumer spending. Be it online, via retail parks or our high streets, retailers stock the everyday essentials we require such as food, cleaning products and clothing.

Many of us have turned to online shopping to supply us with such goods, as a way to save time amidst our hectic routines. As a result, many high street chains have suffered. Some have gone out of business, others have had to expand their operations to acquire more space for as storage facilities, to meet the demands of online shopping.

Consequently, this means that retailers are having to fork out more fees in rent and energy (especially as there is now a need to be more environmentally responsible by cutting carbon emissions), to sustain their business. Keeping costs down by analysing overheads, maximising staff potential and investing in energy efficiency solutions are all high on the retail agenda.


Energy Efficiency in Retail

Due to government mandates such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), organisations everywhere are having to adapt and comply with energy efficiency rules and standards.

Retailers have recognised that using energy more efficiently is the fastest and most sustainable way of reducing costs for the future. Given the current climate, which is now more conscious about our environment than ever before, there is an added pressure for all of us to play our part towards a more sustainable planet.

Many retail outlets have adopted the expected energy saving solutions such as installing modern energy saving LED lighting, managing the heating systems more efficiently and monitoring equipment usage.

Despite these common practices, retail energy saving solutions benefit best from looking beyond the ‘low hanging fruit’ and exploring new, more effective ways to be even more efficient.

Retail Infrastructure

The retail parks we see and love today can be colossal. Imagine the power needed to keep each element of each business running on a daily basis. Power generation is paramount in allowing these business to function.

Retail parks rely solely a consistent electricity supply from a reliable power grid. Power grids could not distribute the safe levels of energy, at the right rates, without a distribution transformer on a power grid. However, because the power grid required to generate energy to all of these industries is out of sight, it’s out of mind. Yet, it should not be overlooked.

Away from the more obvious energy saving solutions, such as adopting more environmentally lighting, retail park infrastructure could be key to some serious energy and money saving solutions.

Energy Efficiency for UK’s Leading Retailers.

Having completed the CERT, Wilson Power Solutions have been assisting retailers with their compliance to obligations set by the ECO through identifying vulnerable customers and delivering specific energy saving improvements.

Whilst specifying your existing distribution transformer can make significant contributions to your overall energy and emissions output, as well as maximising your operational efficiency, upgrading your distribution transformer could be more beneficial.

At Wilson Power Solutions, we have adopted the role of pioneers for Amorphous Technology in the UK. We believe our Amorphous Transformers are revolutionary, in terms of energy savings and operating costs.

Having already completed over 800 successful installations across the UK, including two of the UK’s largest retailers (Asda and Tesco), our Wilson e2 Super Low Loss and Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss transformers have proven to deliver ground breaking energy savings.

Environmental  Commitment

Retailers run large and complex operations which tend to need 24 hour energy supply. If energy waste is occurring, not only does it impact upon the business but our environment too.

Striving for smarter ways of operating through innovative technology to help combat CO2 emissions is part of our promise.  This goes hand in hand with both the UK and EU’s commitment to improve power transformer efficiency. In fact, it’s been estimated that the power saved in this process across Europe could power a country like Denmark for an entire year!

Engineering excellence, alongside a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, has made us a valued and trusted power solutions partner for some of the UK’s biggest companies.

We help your business reduce its bottom line costs and future proof it for long term infrastructure savings in retail.

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