Tier 1 Transformers Stock Availability

We have stopped manufacturing Wilson e1 transformers in light of the new Tier 2 EU Ecodesign regulation. However, we still have Tier 1 transformers in stock that are available for sale and they are good for budget-sensitive projects.

Following the EU Ecodesign regulation, our stock of Wilson e1 transformers has already been placed in the market and can be sold and installed even after 1st July 2021. Please note that we have a limited stock availability so these transformers will be sold on a first come first served basis. If you have projects in the pipeline, we might have to offer you Tier 2 alternatives once the stock is depleted.

Wilson e1 transformers in stock are Tier 1 compliant, liquid-filled (ONAN or KNAN) distribution transformers available in the following ratings and voltages on 8-week lead time with some ratings available ex-works:


Voltage ratio 11kV/415V
Voltage ratio 33kV/400-400V


These transformers are offered on a six-week lead time and come with the following specifications:
• HV off load tap changer with additional tap setting (+/-2.5%, +/-5.0%, +7.5%)
• Bottom entry HV cable box suitable for 1 x 3c cable
• LV cable box suitable for multiple x 1c cable options depending on the rating

All additional accessories are available such as Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI), Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI), Magnetic Oil Gauge, Pressure Relief Device (PRD), Bunds, Conservator and Buchholz Relay.

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