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When we can, we like to celebrate our success stories, no matter how big or small. It is important to recognise good practice, across all segments of our business, to maintain the strong family ethos we so proudly portray.

In this case, this story stems from our maintenance and repair side of the business. Obviously, this team plays a crucial role in the day-today servicing of our equipment and products. However, it was after a visit from Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), with two 1960s C4X breakers in tow, that we decided this story reflected exactly the kind of service we want our customers to expect.

A secure power supply is particularly crucial for any hospital, up and down the country. If you were not already aware, the NHS consumes more energy than any other public service in the UK, so to go without is often to the detriment of sick patients.
Based in the heart of Leeds, the LGI could be classified as one of our neighbours. Incredibly, it has been saving lives for over 250 years and is now a specialist centre for major trauma and hand transplants. It also caters for many general services such as A&E, intensive care and maternity.

This sort of knowledge can exert an added pressure when dealing with such a client. Luckily, our engineers are highly skilled individuals who can go above and beyond in these sorts of circumstances.

Initially, the job was booked in on the 5th March 2018, for an inspection report of the two units. Upon the day of inspection, the aged breakers underwent a rigorous overhaul and threw up some unsuspected issues. Due to the age of the machines, the mechanisms had completely worn out and were in dire need of repair.

Our staff were aware of how important the generators were for LGI. The need to have the units fully functioning and returned as soon as possible was paramount. So, the repairs were hastily carried out, and the breakers returned to LGI within the same day – <span style=”color: #15b4d4;”><em><strong>a great testament of our workforce, who were thanked for their ‘swift and professional response’.</strong></em></span>

This is just one example of the many fantastic efforts our team put in on a daily basis. Here at Wilson Power Solutions, we are continuing to work hard to provide customers with what they need. We’re fully aware that the key use of our equipment is so that businesses can save energy and money, to better their operation. To better our operation, we have to respond to the demand, and stay in tune with an ever changing industry, and that’s what we’re doing.

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