New Lighting Solutions For Sustainability

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers for energy efficient power distribution solutions, and as a company with a such strong social and environmental responsibility, it’s important that we stay true to our word, regarding our own energy saving operations.

Having made stepping stones towards becoming self-sufficient in August 2015, after the installation of a 65kW solar PV system, we were keen to tackle any further on-site energy wastage.

With this in mind, we made the decision to upgrade our lighting, at our facility in Leeds. Not only were the current 400w metal halide lighting systems a major contributing factor to our energy consumption but they were beginning to fail and becoming a nuisance to maintain.

So, we decided to replace 52 of our 400w metal halides with 135w High Bays. Switching to LEDs should instantly help save energy but we also opted for a luminaire with a 60° lens, to create a beam angle with the desired accuracy, to light up the exact area required, rather than waste any light energy.

On top of this, we wanted to utilise more of the large skylights in the warehouse, to make use of the natural light. By choosing lights with daylight dimming sensors, it allowed us to save even more energy because the lights will shut down when the specified LUX threshold is reached or when limited presence is detected.

To give you an idea of the significance of this, our lights have to run for around 11 hours, 5 days a week. The 400w metal halides ran at 228.8kwh per day, whereas the new High Bays run at just 77.2kwh per day, totalling savings of over £17 per day.

Obviously, the climate and weather in the UK does vary and our lighting will be used in different frequencies, depending on the season. That’s why we chose to have an EXOR handheld programmer capable of reprogramming the luminaries to satisfy a changing working environment.

On a particularly sunny day, we could be saving up to 100%, thanks to the max LUX and dimming sensors. We suspect an annual energy saving of close to £5,000, which is fantastic news for both Wilson Power Solutions and our environment!

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