Energy Savings Through Supply Transformers

As an innovative and thought leading business, our reputation is based largely on the trust of our expert knowledge and expertise. Understandably, our customers rely on us to ensure our equipment is as efficient as it can be whilst remaining as robust and reliable as possible. It’s our obligation to maintain such expectations.

In a time of non linearity and renewable energy sources causing clean but unpredictable power surges, we have to guarantee our products can cope. Performance and safety is paramount. As is educating our customers about our distribution transformer solutions.


“Not what I expected at all; thought provoking…and not the hard sell I imagined”


Wilson Power Solutions CPD Seminars


Our CPD seminars cover a range of aspects, from informing about exciting new developments to discovering solutions which may save your company time, energy and money and guidance on how to write transformer specifications that are fit for purpose.

Generally, our CPD courses include breakfast or lunch and last around an hour and a half. Yet the course is worth three hours of CPD.

There is usually a fifty to sixty minute presentation (screen and projector preferred) with inclusion of interactive voting pads. Following the presentation, there is usually a Q & A session, allowing the audience and participants to pick the brains of our experienced staff.

The majority of courses are presented by our marketing Manager, Dr Lore Grohmann, alongside specially selected staff with the necessary experience in the chosen field. The combined years of know-how, personal fascination with the topics at hand and their personal experiences have proved fruitful in providing a stronger understanding of the products and industry.


“Making transformers the basis for an inspiring presentation demonstrating that true savings are possible at the point of distribution…excellent!”


CPD Seminar – RAF Lossiemouth – 30th January 2018


The latest CDP seminar saw us travel up north to Lossiemouth in Scotland. Organised by Bruce Flaws from FES, we had fourteen engineers in attendance.

Here’s an outline of what the ‘Energy Savings Through Supply Transformers’ seminar covered:

  • What are transformer losses and why do they matter?
  • The EU Eco Design Directive for Transformers and what this means to you /your customers
  • Introduction to amorphous core technology
  • Voltage management through supply transformers – does it work?
  • Case studies from past installs (where possible backed up by performance data from independent power quality consultants)


“Professionally delivered, very impressed”


It was clear that the seminar was useful, from the levels of engagement and questioning we saw. Hopefully, our objectives have been achieved and our customer’s objectives met.

It’s important for us to keep an ongoing relationship with our clients, or potential new customers, so they are readily informed and refreshed about current, or future operations and activity.

For all future CPD seminars, please sign-up to our newsletter via our website:

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