Wilson Power is Shortlisted for IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment run the IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards to recognise businesses and individuals whose impact on the transformation towards a sustainable world is prominent.

Wilson Power is shortlisted for the 2019 IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards in the New Product, Service or Technology category for its Wilson e2 transformers. Wilson Power Solutions demonstrated innovative product that supports sustainability goals by reducing energy wastage through transformer losses.

Wilson e2 super low-loss amorphous distribution transformer uses amorphous core material that has less hysteresis losses than the cores of conventional transformers. This reduces the energy wasted as heat during the magnetisation and demagnetisation processes and reduces energy losses in distribution transformers by almost half.

Most organisations have carbon reduction commitments and tight budgets. Wilson e2 amorphous super low loss transformers helped organisations meet their carbon reduction targets whilst saving money. A typical Wilson e2 amorphous transformer can pay back the extra investment within three years and achieve lifetime savings of over £75,000 in saved electricity. In terms of carbon emissions, an average amorphous transformer saves at least 105 tonnes of CO2 emissions over a 30-year lifetime as a result of reducing electricity losses.

Using Wilson e2 for new applications or as a replacement for old inefficient ones reduces transformers electricity losses significantly and that can be reflected on the total energy consumption in the organisation and the carbon footprint that comes with it. More than 1000 Wilson e2 transformers are now installed around the UK in over 800 locations across several industries.

The magnitude of the impact of Wilson Power Solutions transformers allowed the company to be shortlisted amongst the UK and international leading organisations working towards a sustainable future. Arup, AECOM, WSP, Atkins, Qatar Rail, and Deloitte are only some of the private sector companies shortlisted for the IEMA Sustainability Awards alongside Wilson Power. Some governmental bodies have been recognised for their sustainable projects and the teams behind them too such as the Environment Agency, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Network Rail.


Wilson e2 amorphous transformers complement the efforts organisations put in reducing the carbon footprint of energy through installing renewable energy sources or applying energy efficiency in their premises. This allows organisations to operate more sustainably. These are some of the major sectors that utilised and adopted Wilson’s Super Low Loss transformers,

–             Retail companies such as ASDA, Morrison’s and Tesco

–             Food and Beverage companies such as PepsiCo, Unilever, Muller Dairies and McCain

–             Higher education and universities such as University of East Anglia, University of Warwick, University of Southampton and University of Edinburgh

–             NHS hospital trusts such as University Hospital of South Manchester, Ninewells Hospital, Guy’s Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital and The Christie Hospital

–             Other organisations such as the Natural History Museum.

Wilson Power Solutions will be attending the IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards Ceremony on the 20th of September in London to meet like-minded organisations that share the same core values as ours and to discuss the century’s biggest threat, climate change. The team is looking forward to fruitful conversations and potential collaborations that can help the UK meet its Net Zero targets by 2050.

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