Missing Type

You may have noticed the As, Bs and Os missing from our logo on Twitter, we have done this to support the #MissingType campaign by NHS Blood and Transplant. This campaign is to encourage those who have never donated blood before to sign up as donors, these letters represent the three main blood groups and removing the letters highlights the importance of giving blood. One blood donation can help up to three people, takes less than an hour and you won’t miss it. Companies across the world have taken these letters out of their logos and we are taking part to encourage everyone to give blood.

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Do something amazing and save or improve up to three lives by giving blood.

Movie 19 Aug 2016

WPS Donates £10,400 to the NHS Charities Together

When COVID-19 first hit, the entire nation was touched by the selfless response of the NHS staff and the efforts they make on daily basis risking their lives and their families’ well being to save us all. We then made the decision that we should give back somehow. We had supplied the NHS with transformers […]

Movie 25 Nov 2020

Re-Homing Gertie the Giraffe

Gertie: A Brief History Initially, ‘Gertie the Giraffe’ was born as a mascot to represent Wilson Power whilst attending events and conferences across the UK. Gertie, however soon became much more than just a mascot. Understandably, due to her impressive stature and beautiful nature, Gertie began to attract a lot of attention. At exhibitions, friends […]

Movie 1 Feb 2018

Wilson Power Solutions to tackle Three Peaks in aid of Phys Cap

Phys Cap are an Yorkshire based charity that help support children with physical and mental disabilities by providing equipment and support that can improve their quality of life in amazing ways. At Wilson Power Solutions we believe it’s important to give back to both the local community and to those who need help to lead […]

Movie 8 Mar 2017

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