Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI)

Capillary-based, mechanical and remote configuration for winding temperature simulation featuring up to 6 adjustable switchers for alarm, trip and cooling system functions. Download product brochure.

Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI)

Capillary-based, mechanical and remote thermometer that measures top oil temperature featuring up to 6 flexible switchers for alarm, trip and cooling systems. Download product brochure.

Transformer Breather

Protection against high humidity, pressure variations, dielectric loss and outgassing. The Envirogel Orange to Green colour changing silica gel allows to visually recognise when the unit needs replacing or refilling. Download product brochure.


When transformers are loaded and the ambient temperature rises and transformer oil expands, the volume of the oil increases and the conservator acts like a reservoir providing sufficient space for the expanded oil.

Buchholz Relay

Oil- and gas-actuated protection relay are used on oil-immersed transformers to provide protection from electrical faults occurring inside transformers accompanied by the gas generation or oil surge onto the conservator. Download product brochure.

Ashridge (WTI/OTI)

Ashridge 852 WTI & OTI continuously calculates the winding temperature (hot spot) and the oil temperature and displays the data on the screen. Download Product Datasheet.


The extensive range includes alarm relay output, data logging, a wide range of CT inputs, dual display and an intelligent cooling control system with ‘deviation from normal’ alarms to ensure optimal asset life and protection for the transformer.

Pressure Relief Device (PRD)

Mechanical device for overpressure protection for transformers. This dual gasket system provides quick response and automatic resealing after pressure has subsided. Download product brochure for medium and large PRD.

Pressure Vacuum Gauge (PVG)

Provides an accurate representation of the pressure state inside of a transformer. It is often used with hermetically sealed transformers. Pressure bleeder and volt free contact options are available. Download product brochure.

Magnetic Oil Gauge (MOG)

This device gives an analogical indication of the oil level inside the conservator by a graduated dial with arrow plus one or more electric signal when the oil inside the conservator reaches the max or min level. Download product brochure.

On-Load Tap-Changer

Vacuum OLTC regulates transformers and maintains a constant voltage in LV grids by compensating for fluctuations on MV or HV levels. They provide stabilisation in industrial or renewable energy (solar and wind) projects. Download product brochure.

Bunds and Filters

Bunds prevent environmental damage if an oil leakage happens. They take 110% of transformer oil volume and come with filters to remove hydrocarbons and sediment contaminants from accumulated water. Download filter brochure.

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