A Miracle on Argyll Street


Let’s face it, our distribution transformers aren’t the most agile or manoeuvrable; they’re big, heavy and stubborn. During an install, they’re often the main cause of a site manager’s headache, even in the most sparse environments, never mind a compact basement. That’s why this particular project deserves some special recognition.

Imagine transporting an 8 ton distribution transformer to the country’s capital and having to install it in the underground cavern of a commercial building, on one of the busiest streets in Central London.

Consider that, and then incorporate inner city London rules and regulations as well as extravagant public health and safety procedures, and this challenge could be described as a ‘migraine maker’.

Luckily, we’re fortunate enough to have some extremely experienced and patient staff at our disposal. Credit to Rob Jackson (Senior Site Engineer) and his skilled team for evading all of the ‘big city life’ challenges and neatly tucking this Wilson Power Solutions E1 Transformer into this confined basement of a busy store.

Not only was this a masterclass in manoeuvring a distribution transformer into place, it was testament to the teamwork and talent we have here at Wilson Power Solutions.

What’s more is that this is evidence of another satisfied customer. If you’re looking to upgrade your infrastructure, but have been previously reluctant due to costs and difficult conditions, we could have the solution for you!







Completed installation at Argyll Street:











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