Who won Gertie? Our trip to CIRED 2017

We recently got back from our trip up to Scotland after attending the CIRED 2017 conference in Glasgow, one of the world’s largest and most international energy events. We had an incredible time, meeting people from all over the globe, including not only our friends in Europe and America, but extending out to the other side of the planet, with people from Australia and Japan. It was wonderful to see such a strong showing from the international community, and we learned a great deal from the seminars that were hosted.

At our own stand we ran our buzzwire game throughout the show, looking for people with a steady hand and nerves of steel to see who could beat the buzzer in the fastest time. Our search lead to a lot of delegates seeking to prove their worth and conquer the wire (mostly in the hopes of winning a Wilson’s Teddy or putting in a competitive time for our giant plush giraffe Gertie). However, after 4 days only one person emerged victorious.

Will Hardin of Electrical Oil Services (part of HCS Group) took a few attempts to get there, but by the end of the CIRED conference he had managed to complete the buzzwire in a world record breaking 20.75 seconds. This was not only the fastest time at CIRED, but the fastest time anyone has ever managed to achieve on our game, making Will the top of our all-time leaderboard. His record obliterates the former title holder Sarah Joliffe, who formerly held the top spot with 34.9 seconds.

Right now we’re gearing up to head to the ADBA Conference at the Birmingham NEC on July 5th– 6th where another Gertie can be won (thankfully it’s whoever is quickest within ADBA, as 20.75 seconds might well be a record for a long while yet.) If you’re interested you can learn more about ADBA here and keep an eye on our blog for more details to come.

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