Wilson Power Solutions heads to Manchester for ESTA’s 4th Annual u|m|r

On Thursday May 11th Wilson Power Solutions will be in Manchester at the AJBell Stadium to contribute to a panel discussion on “Engaging with service and technology providers”. Our own Dr. Lore Grohmann will be discussing best practice and displaying her industry insight, alongside a panel of fellow “in-the-know” experts.

The event marks ESTA’s 4th year hosting the u|m|r conference, an initialism that stands for understanding, managing and reducing. The conference tours the country, with Manchester being the second stop on ESTA’s year long conference. We’ll be joining them in Birmingham and Edinburgh later in the year too, but we’re delighted to be starting our contributions in our nearby neighbour of Manchester. It’s an event that helps the energy industry get together to share ideas, with speakers that span the entire network.

We’ll have a stand setup in the main foyer, so if you want to learn more about what Wilson Power Solutions can do for you come along for a coffee and a chat, we’ll have plenty to talk about.

If you’re interested in attending you can still register on ESTA’s site by clicking here.

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