Winner! 83 year old transformer found!

We are pleased to announce that Keith Hatherley has won our #VintageTransformer competition by finding a transformer that is 83 years old. The 500kVA transformer from 1933 was a lot older than expected but it shows what equipment people have running on site.

Keith has decided to donate his prize to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He has chosen this organisation because he knows a number of people who received urgent treatment there and is grateful for the help and support the staff at the trust provided. Especially a young cousin of Keith’s who suffered a severe stroke last year and spent many months in the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Therefore Wilson Power Solutions has donated £150 to Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Funds.

Winner! Most difficult get in!

The winner of the most difficult get in category is Keith Sims from Cardiff University who had a series of difficult installations including one that was particularly complex.

They removed a waterproof concrete deck, bison beam slabs, HV cables and the cable tray below. Once this was done they had to crane out the old transformer over the building. Next they craned in over the building a new Wilson e2 Amorphous transformer, after having to remove cable box, with all of the above in reverse to install the new transformer.

This is quite an epic removal and installation so definitely a well-deserved winner.  Keith has won £100 in Amazon vouchers which he will be using for works equipment.



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