GA Wilson e3 800kVA with RN2d

GA Wilson e3 800kVA with RN2d

Movie 26 Jul 2021

Meet us at Solar & Storage Live 2024

Solar & Storage Live 2024 in London serves as a platform for industry leaders, startups, and stakeholders to converge and exchange ideas. With a focus on solar energy, energy storage technologies, and their intersection with smart grids and sustainable infrastructure, exhibitors have a unique chance to demonstrate their involvement in a cleaner, more energy-efficient future. […]

Movie 26 Feb 2024

IETF: Industrial Energy Transformation Fund – Phase 3

Industrial emissions account for around 18% of UK emissions. To reach the Net Zero target in 2050, industrial emissions need to fall by around 90% from today’s levels. Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) launched Phase 3 of industrial grants on Monday 29 January 2024, with the closing date on Friday 19 April 2024, and aims […]

Movie 23 Feb 2024

Wilson transformers support Gatwick Airport EV charging stations

Wilson Power Solutions is continuously working towards delivering a sustainable future. We actively participate in green energy projects including electric vehicle charging points, energy storage systems or solar energy generation projects. The latest project we worked on has just come to fruition in London. We have proudly built and delivered 2 x 2500kVA, 33000/415V and […]

Movie 22 Jan 2024

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