ESTA U-M-R Regional Events

We will be at the ESTA U-M-R Regional events in the next couple of weeks. These events give opportunity to find out how to understand your energy portfolio, manage your energy data and information, and reduce your energy costs and consumption. You can find out more here.

At each of the events we will be taking part in a panel discussion on “Engaging with technology and service providers – what should you be asking and how are specific sectors progressing?
ESTA Specialist Group Members outline the current marketplace, share insights into best practice and answer your questions”. Details of the discussions are below.


Wednesday 15th June 2016 at the Hilton, Manchester Airport

Discussion 10:35am featuring Lore Grohmann, Marketing Manager

Stand M02L


Tuesday 21st June 2016 at Park Plaza, Riverbank

Discussion 10:35am featuring Erika Wilson, Managing Director

Stand L01L


Thursday 23rd June 2016 at Birmingham City FC

Discussion 10:35am featuring Lore Grohmann, Marketing Manager

Stand B14L

umr esta

Movie 8 Jun 2016

Transformer & Transmission Conference 2019

  The year ahead will see both a surge in the demand for electricity as well as an increased focus on renewable energy solutions. Considering that, coupled with the fact that the global transformers market is set to grow to dizzy new heights, next month’s attendance at the Transformer & Transmissions Conference in London provides […]

Movie 6 Mar 2019

Wilson Power Solutions CPD ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminar

  So far, 2019 has seen us continue to deliver our successful CPD seminars up and down the country. Luckily, today, we are on home turf as we host a session at the impressive Weetwood Hall in Leeds. What’s on the agenda? Our CPD seminars are always tailored towards our guests, providing them with up-to-date […]

Movie 20 Feb 2019

New CPD Seminar on Transformer Specification to Have Inaugural Run July 26th

In our evolving energy infrastructure there is a constant need to ensure that your equipment is efficient and resilient. With a grid that is heading towards non linearity and renewable energy providing clean but unpredictable power surges, it is essential that the products we make and use are able to cope with this period of […]

Movie 3 Jul 2017

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