Generating energy efficiency savings and running the most efficient infrastructure equipment available for years to come does matter greatly for an ever increasing number of our customers.

Pioneers in super low loss amorphous transformers, we have addressed and largely eliminated the unnecessary energy wastage caused by transformer losses and have helped hundreds of organisations improve their supply infrastructure, reduce emissions and save costs.


“One simple infrastructure decision could save you £100,000 over the lifetime of the transformer.”

Our Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformer is the most energy efficient transformer available in the UK today. Incorporating amorphous core technology, the Wilson e2 already exceeds stringent new EU Eco design requirements planned for 2021 across the range.

With a minimum product life expectancy of 25 years, total cost of ownership [TCO] considerations are almost universally favourable.

In fact, many customers discover that choosing a Wilson e2 amorphous transformer over a standard eco design compliant product can contribute a significant amount to their organisation’s bottom line, making the additional upfront investment an easy and straight forward infrastructure decision.


Tesco’s supermarkets have specified the Wilson e2 since 2009 and recommend the technology wholeheartedly:

“We’re happy to recommend the Wilson e2 transformer as part of an integrated approach to energy savings”.

TESCO Technical Standards Manager (electrical)



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