CWIEME Berlin 2017 – Wilson Power Solutions to Host Tutorial

On June 20th at the CWIEME Berlin conference Wilson Power Solutions will be hosting a tutorial on transformer application design and anticipating customer needs for non-standard applications. It will address how changing network conditions has meant a new approach to transformer application design is necessary in the fast changing new national grid.

Pulling from personal experience, our technical Manager Kevin Wilson will be providing practical suggestions and discussing best practice measures to help create designs that fit the modern grid. The session will provide attendees with a toolset so they can understand the changing system requirements.

You’ll discover new and untapped market opportunities, and learn about some of the techniques and observations from outside the “design-engineer-bubble”. You’ll gain a competitive edge from learning how to anticipate customer’s needs, and get first-hand knowledge and experience from an industry expert.

It’s a must attend for anyone in the field, with tickets now available from CWIEME’s website right now.

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