Find the Wilson e2 in over 600 locations with over 700 installs:

The Wilson e2 provides two areas of savings:

1) Guaranteed savings through reduced transformer losses
The Wilson e2 transformer is a unique product combining amorphous core material with low current density conductors to provide lowest combined transformer losses. Based on an average 25-year transformer lifespan, a 1000kVA Wilson e2 transformer can achieve up to £100,000 worth of energy costs savings through loss savings if replacing an old, inefficient transformer and typically saves £35,000 when compared with a modern, tier 1 eco design compliant unit (Wilson e1).

2) Substantial potential savings through Voltage Optimisation
The Wilson e2 transformer is manufactured to provide a lower nominal voltage of 415V (11kV/415) and designed to deliver a lower output voltage than standard rated 11kV/433 units. In addition the Wilson e2 comes with an extended tapping range at no extra cost allowing you to further adjust output voltage when needed. What savings can be achieved does depend on your load, our customers typically achieve  3-8%% reduction of their electricity consumption.

The Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformer can be supplied for ratings from 315 kVA to 3000 kVA.


What are Amorphous Metal Core Transformers?

The cores of conventional transformers consist of stacks of lamination that are made from silicon steel with an almost uniform crystalline structure (CRGO). In transformers with amorphous cores, a ribbon of steel is wound forming the core.

The big benefit of amorphous metal core transformers is that amorphous steel has lower hysteresis losses. Simply put this means that less energy is wasted in magnetising and demagnetising it during each cycle of the supply current. The infrared pictures (left) illustrate this: The AMT core shows a lot less heat than the CRGO core.


How much energy can be saved?

The core of the majority of today’s transformers is made of CRGO steel. When this is replaced by amorphous metal, the core loss of the transformer is reduced by as much as 75%.

Why use Amorphous Metal?

• Up to 75% energy saving over conventional silicone steel (CRGO)
• Reduced carbon dioxide emissions
• Reduction in fossil fuel consumption
• Reduced magnetising current
• Reduced temperature rise of core

What are amorphous metals?

Also known as metallic glass alloys, they differ from traditional metals in that they have a non-crystalline structure and possess unique physical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness.


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