Voltage Optimisation through transformer supply (fixed tap)

Our highly efficient Wilson e2 range of amorphous core distribution transformers come with an additional tapping range at no extra cost. This enables you to optimise voltage supply from 415V to 380V according to your site’s needs wherever your incoming supply is at medium voltage without the need of additional equipment.

Apart from being a particularly cost effective way of optimising site voltage, the transformer will integrate smoothly with your existing installations, avoiding additional system losses and minimising space requirements.


Voltage Regulation through transformer supply (dynamic regulation via OLTC)

Where site supply voltages fluctuate or a constant (+/- 1%) output voltage is required, the Wilson e2+ transformer comes with a 17 position on load tap changer (OLTC). This adjusts the taps automatically to maintain a constant secondary output voltage (relative to input voltage fluctuations) via an “AVR” relay.

Typical applications are sites with irregular supply patterns including random peaks and troughs as well as distinct day and night patters, highly sensitive operating equipment requiring stable supply voltage and improving site resilience in view of increasingly dirty supply from the grid.



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