Tier 1 Stock Countdown

Wilson Power Solutions stopped manufacturing Tier 1 transformers but we hold stock of Wilson e1 distribution transformers, available on a 10 week lead time with some units available ex-works. All stock transformers come with the following base specification:

  • HV off load tap changer with additional tap setting (+/-2.5%, +/-5.0%, +7.5%),
  • Bottom entry HV cable box suitable for 1 x 3c cable,
  • LV cable box suitable for multiple x 1c cables depending on the rating

Tier 1 Stock Countdown

Wilson E1 range, EU Ecodesign Tier 1 compliant, liquid-filled distribution transformers with the following ratings:

Voltage ratio 11kV/415V

Voltage ratio 33kV/400-400V

Additional Accessories

Where you require additional accessories such as Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI), Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI), Magnetic Oil Gauge, Pressure Relief Device (PRD), or Conservator & Bucholz Relay, then lead times will extend out a little to 2 weeks depending on our production workload at the time.

If you require MV or LV Switchgear on your transformer please contact us for a lead time to confirm details.

Typical applications

• Step down distribution transformers
• Step up generation transformers
• Wind farm transformers
• Solar PV farm transformers
• Motor starting transformers
• 6 Pulse and 12 Pulse rectifier transformers
• Earthing transformers
• Isolation transformers
• Korndörfer autotransformer starter

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