We know that secure and reliable power supply is key for the manufacturing sector.

Combining security of supply with superior operational performance is making our power distribution plant an important asset for some of the UK’s leading food and beverage manufacturers.

Our engineers are highly trained, experienced individuals that will work with you to provide reliable power engineering solutions that are designed to keep your site running smoothly whilst at the same time reduce cost and environmental impact of your operations.

A recent case study for a transformer replacement project at McCain’s, projects energy savings of more than £22,000 per year as a result of just a single supply transformer being replaced with a Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous unit.

Wilson Power Solutions was the first transformer manufacturer in the UK to produce transformers with an amorphous metal core, offering even greater efficiency than those made from the highest grades of grain-oriented electrical steels. Wilson e2 and e2+ transformers (the plus signifies the on-load tap changer) are so efficient that they already exceed requirements of the second tier of the EU Ecodesign Directive for transformers coming into effect in 2021 (Tier 2).

Considering total cost of ownership for infrastructure assets is becoming increasingly common place with leading manufacturers including United Biscuits, McCain and Smurfit Kappa choosing the Wilson e2 to power their sites.

What’s more, the UK’s energy landscape is changing and security of supply in view of ever more challenging supply voltage conditions can be an important factor.

That’s why more and more of our customers are thinking about the future when selecting their supply transformers – what grid conditions will be like and the running costs over the transformers’ lifetime.

The typical product life expectancy for a distribution transformer is 25 years but when we made a freedom of information request to Ofgem we found that the average age of distribution transformers in the UK is 62 years.

When a transformer is going to be operational for that length of time, it makes sense to pay a little bit more upfront for a model that will perform better in terms of resilience and energy efficiency and generate huge savings in the long run.

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We support renewable energy projects achieve great efficiency and help reduce long term costs.

Our energy landscape is changing with the integration of an increasing amount of renewable generation from a diverse range of sources (i.e. wind, solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion “AD” and hydro) requiring to be connected to the grid.

Wilson Power Solutions have been providing the renewable sector with purpose designed power transformers (up to 200MVA) for a number of Solar PV and on-shore wind installations across the UK.

For time lapse footage of our 50MVA transformer install at Owls Hatch Solar PV Park please click here.

Additional projects include the design and manufacture of a 50MVA 132kV/33kV power transformer for the DNO connection of a solar farm in Norfolk (the design of the unit having been approved by UK Power Networks), two further 50MVA 132kV/33kV transformers for solar projects in Hertfordshire and Cornwall; and a 10MVA 132/33kV Transformer for a Wind Farm in Devon.

We also support leading suppliers of small scale on-site generation packages with auxiliary transformers for connection of mainly farm based, “one turbine” wind power schemes in England and Wales.

Sector Focus – NHS

Helping hospitals across the UK save energy and lower emissions

We understand that secure power supply is particularly crucial for hospital trusts across the country.

Our engineers are highly trained, skilled individuals that will work with you to provide reliable power engineering solutions designed to reduce environmental impact.

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A case study for a recent transformer replacement project at the University Hospital of South Manchester [UHSM] showed that the installation of two Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformers will save the trust around £31,000 per year – savings that will be used to improve front line patient services. Reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions through transformer supply today’s plant and operations managers are under increased pressure to achieve energy savings and lower CO2 emissions of their sites. Though most professionals are aware of energy saving measures on the low Voltage (LV) side such as improved lighting systems, most people are still completely unaware of potential energy savings on the medium Voltage [MV] side. However, every site that receives power directly from the grid [11kV supply] can benefit from substantial energy savings through energy efficient, low loss or super low loss amorphous transformers.

Douglass Ward from Whipps Cross hospital specified Wilson e2 transformers for the east London site and comments:

“Installing Wilson e2 transformers at Whipps Cross hospital will save £10,250 in energy costs and reduce our CO2 emissions by 7.2t per year – an effortless way of driving down costs and lower emissions”.

Sector Focus - Retail

Powering Energy Efficiency for UKs ’leading retailers’

We help your business reduce it’s bottom line costs and future proof it for long term savings in retail.

Powering Energy Efficiency for UK’s leading retailers’, using Voltage Management equipment

We know that reducing operational efficiency whilst maintaining a secure power supply for their stores is paramount for UK’s largest retailers. Find out how Tesco is radically improving energy consumption As one of the largest multiple retailers in the UK, Tesco is driven by the twin principles of controlling operating costs whilst at the same time addressing its responsibility to the environment. Always ready to embrace new technology that will help to deliver results in these areas, Tesco has installed the Wilson e2 into some of its estate since 2009, recognising that this super low loss amorphous distribution transformer has a proven ability to deliver ground breaking energy savings, and as a result, significant savings on operating costs. The e2 also helps to reduce the impact of Tesco’s trading activities on the local environment. Tesco now specify the Wilson e2 for all new stores. For a recent case study on savings across their estate please click here.

 “We’re happy to recommend the Wilson e2 transformer as a part of an integrated approach to energy savings”



Sector Focus - Education

Bringing power to the Universities of the UK

Bringing power to the Universities of the UK

We have supplied some of the UK’s leading Universities with expertly engineered power distribution solutions that help keep their centres of excellence running both safely and efficiently.

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From our unique super low loss amorphous transformers to switchgear and battery trip units; we provide future-proof infrastructure assets that will keep Universities across the UK running smoothly for decades to come.


Warwick is one of the UK’s leading universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, for innovation, and for links with business and industry.

We supplied:

Conference Substation: 1 x 800kVA Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformer, Midel cooled

WMG and Teaching Centre: 1 x 800kVA and 1 x 500kVA Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformers

Biotechnology Substation: 1 x 2000kVA Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformer, Midel cooled


Cardiff University Logo

Cardiff University is a dynamic and successful centre of higher education with an international reputation for high quality teaching and research.

We supplied:

3 x 1000kVA Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformers

2 x 1250kVA Wilson e2, plus 1 x 500kVA Wilson e2

1 x 1250kVA Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformer, Midel cooled



The University of Southampton is a public research university

We supplied:

Boldrewood Campus: 2 x 1500kVA Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous transformer, Midel cooled.


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