McCain saves over £22,000 a year through reduced core losses

McCain was founded more than five decades ago on “good and responsible” business ethics. To this date McCain continue to live by these ethics and put sustainability at the center of everything they do, including improving the energy efficiency of their manufacturing plant and infrastructure.

The replacement of an existing nine year old 1.6MVA, 11kV:433V, CRGO transformer (manufactured in 2006) with a Wilson e2, 2MVA, 11kV;415V, 2021 Eco Design compliant, super low loss, amorphous core transformer (manufactured in 2015), combined with a reduction in supply voltage will deliver energy savings of ~273,00kWh and financial savings of over £22,000 per year.

Amorphous Core Technology & Voltage Management Helps University Hospital of South Manchester

As one of the greenest hospitals in Europe, the University Hospital of South Manchester has a reputation to uphold, and as a result they have sought out energy efficient solutions throughout their operations. They enquired about our super low loss amorphous transformer, the Wilson e2, as they identified it as a major energy saver, not only through its use of amorphous core technology, but also as a voltage management device.

Following our installation of the Wilson e2, and combined with a 6.3% (TX1) and 6.6% (TX2) voltage reduction, an independent power quality management company concluded that there had been a significant reduction in the kWh used. The savings made by using the Wilson e2 on a Tap 3 setting were 5.9% (TX1) and 6.0% (TX2), with an estimated saving of £31,010 per annum (based on 9p per kWh).

The reduction in voltage also improved the site’s power factor, and this upgrade provides a long term improvement, as each transformer has a minimum life expectancy of 25 years and will provide a payback in difference within 3 years. Overall the Wilson e2 has helped UHMS save money, energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Wilson e2 amorphous core transformer outperforms dedicated Voltage Optimisation equipment at ASDA

Retail giant ASDA improves store’s energy savings with Voltage Optimisation capabilities of the Wilson e2 transformer

A purpose built ASDA store was supplied by a super low loss Wilson e2 amorphous transformer set at nominal voltage. A dedicated voltage optimisation device was installed in series with the transformer to provide the desired operating voltage for the store.


Following a number of installations where Wilson e2 transformers were shown to achieve significant savings through their in built voltage optimisation capabilities, ASDA decided to put the Wilson e2 to the test:

The dedicated Voltage optimiser was taken out of the circuit using the bypass function and the transformer subsequently tapped down to deliver reduced LV side voltage.


The stores energy consumption was reduced by a further 3% (normalised after four weeks) following the removal of the voltage optimisation unit.

These findings not only show that site voltage can be very cost effectively managed through a modern supply transformer but that this solution can outperform dedicated VO equipment.


Retail giant Tesco recommends Wilson e2 transformers

Tesco are installing the Wilson e2 transformer in new stores to help reduce energy consumption and meet stringent new emissions targets.

Tesco have committed to becoming a zero-carbon business by 2050. But, as their former chief executive Sir Terry Leahy pointed out, “2050 is a long way away and we have to show how we will get there”.  He has therefore set interim targets for the Tesco business at the beginning of 2007. As a result, new stores and other buildings constructed between 2007 and 2020 emit on average no more than half the CO2 of an equivalent store built before 2007.  Tesco have built environmental stores in every country in which they operate, each time cutting emissions more than the last.

We are proud that the Wilson e2 has contributed to this achievement: According to a recent case study, Wilson e2 transformers help Tesco save more than 9 million kWh per year, one of the reason’s why Tesco’s Technical Standards Manager “recommends the Wilson e2 as part of an integrated energy savings approach”.

Wilson Power Solutions to the rescue for Doncaster Racecourse

Wilson Power Solutions quick fault response to the rescue for Freedom Group and Doncaster Racecourse

A cast resin transformer had suffered an internal cable fault at Doncaster Racecourse and two of the delta links had been completely destroyed.


At 11.45am Garry Scott (Freedom Group) called Jonathan Whitaker at Wilson Power Solutions to advise that replacements were required on an urgent basis.

Once Gary had set his team to clearing things up he travelled to Westland Works where Wilson Power Solutions fabricated the parts to his requirements. Gary was back on site with the replacements by 16.00 where the installation was completed and the transformer left on soak by 18.00.


Supplies were returned to normal on the following day, leaving Gary to comment: “A great job all round”

Wilson e2 amorphous core transformer achieves 12% electricity savings for leading hotel chain

When the Hilton Hotel in Portsmouth installed a new Wilson e2 supply transformer, the energy management expected to see a reduction in electricity consumption in the region of 5-6% as a result of reduced transformer losses and lowered supply Voltage. That said, some team members even voiced concern that these levels of savings were too optimistic.

The Wilson e2 transformer proved them wrong:

After a fortnight of service the sites kWh consumption had been reduced by an impressive 14%, more than doubling the top tier estimate. Over the following months the unit continued to help save operating costs and reduce emissions, averaging an impressive 12% reduction in electricity usage.

Engineering Excellence: Saving time and money

A large engineering services consultancy contacted our sales office with an enquiry to change an obsolete 11kv Ring Main Unit. The existing unit had an operation restriction on it but the client did not want the expense of “down time” replacing the MV cables.

To overcome the problem we used a Schneider type RN2c/T1 from our stock and fabricated steel extensions to the Schneider ring switch cable boxes. This allowed the old unit to be uplifted, the new unit to be positioned and the existing cable to be reused. Keeping downtime to an absolute minimum we delighted our client with significant savings of both time and expense.”

Transformers for offshore wave industry

PDT was asked by Ocean Power Delivery to design & build a generating transformer for their proto type Pelamis wave energy converter.

The 1250KVA transformer was specially designed to operate in the harsh world of the offshore wave Industry. For environmental reasons, Midel fluid was chosen as the cooling medium instead of mineral oil. Successful field trials have been on going in the Orkneys for over 18 months and there has been considerable interest from other Countries such as Spain, Germany, Portugal & Denmark.

Power Transformers for Iraq within 12 weeks

A world leading generator manufacturer emailed the contract engineering team with an urgent enquiry to manufacture six 15mVA power transformers and forty-seven 1600kVA distribution transformers for installation on site in Iraq.

The transformers were required to be installed within a very tight time frame. Our contract engineers responded with a 24hr quotation and provided subsequent quotes based on a variety of client specifications. With exact requirements being finalised, we quoted for the equipment to be manufactured and ready for shipment within 14 weeks from approval of drawings.

With timely delivery of the equipment being crucial, we were able to cut project delivery time considerably: the first batch of transformers were manufactured within ten weeks and reached the site in only twelve weeks, enabling our client to start operations prior to schedule and laying the foundations for a successful partnership.”


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